I got unsafe sex – exactly what can I do? Approved by all of our medical staff

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I got unsafe sex – exactly what can I do? Approved by all of our medical staff

Let’s face it, unprotected sex can happen, even with a motives. Often it’s challenging know what doing after non-safe sex, but it doesn’t have to be an emergency – there’s a lot of ways you can protect yourself against unwelcome pregnancy together with growth of intimately carried attacks (STIs).

The main thing just isn’t to stay your head in sand and pretend nothing’s occurred – the earlier you take motion, the greater amount of conveniently it is possible to abstain from or heal any unwelcome complications of unsafe sex…

The Online medical practitioner provider makes it possible to discreetly and from another location with the morning after supplement and STI inspections.

Thinking about an STI examination?

Intimately transmitted attacks (STIs)

In the event that you experience symptoms after non-safe sex, you need to get examined immediately.

In case you are having these kinds of ailments you should get your self checked for STIs, or speak to your GP. They may not the consequence of a sexually transmitted illness, but could indicate various other health conditions.

Even although you include experiencing no problems after all, you really need to nonetheless see examined when there is any chance you have contracted an STI. Approximately 50per cent of males and 70-80percent of women with chlamydia, for-instance, cannot understanding any observeable symptoms.

It’s extremely important in order to get tested for STIs since they could form really serious difficulties. Females with chlamydia or gonorrhoea that will be not dealt with can form pelvic inflammatory illness, a condition that can lead to long-term pain, miscarriage and infertility.

Crisis contraception

It might seem that, since you utilized the “withdrawal method”, or got sex in a certain situation or at a specific time of month, there’s no potential for maternity. Sadly, that isn’t the actual situation! Unsafe sex ‘s almost constantly linked to the chance of pregnancy. Once inside the human anatomy, semen can remain lively and fertilise an egg for up to seven days – please remember, it takes merely someone to become pregnant.

In case you are a woman who has got got non-safe sex and who does not require attain expecting, crisis contraception should be an option. There have been two types of disaster contraception: the crisis contraceptive product, or early morning after medicine, while the emergency coil, or IUD. The emergency coil should be fixed by a tuned medical expert, nevertheless can effectively lessen pregnancy for 5 days after unprotected sex. The early morning after product, at the same time, can be effective for 3-5 days (according to which sort make use of).

An urgent situation coil are equipped for free at intimate wellness clinics, or at some GP procedures. The morning after medicine can available for free from these spots, and can end up being ordered from your web clinic at the majority of pharmacies.

How to shield my self for the next time?


If you do not want an infant, and/or should you aren’t certain your sexual mate are STI-free, it is best to need condoms (ideally men, as female condoms tends to be tough to make use of) for penetrative sex, and where possible, dental dams for dental intercourse.

Women contraception

If you find yourself a woman or people in a heterosexual monogamous commitment, and tend to be not stressed that your particular companion could have an STI, you do not want to posses a baby, you should both incorporate condoms or contraception including the contraceptive tablet, the coil, a diaphragm (with spermicide) or perhaps the enhancement or treatment.

Men: keep in mind that an undesirable pregnancy will probably be your obligation also – if you are going for intercourse without a condom, check that your lover is utilizing contraception.

Sex toys

STIs could easily be spread using adult toys. Refrain revealing toys and always cleanse them after used to decrease the dangers.


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